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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bremont's 1st Saturation Dive

I always new they used a mix of helium gas to dive with, but I just did not expect the "Chipmunk" voices.


Thank you Alistair for bringing to our attention on the EOT Dive Watch Forum.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NEW - Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m Chrono

* Picture by SBD on the WUS Dive Watch Forum.

It is very rare that a new diver comes out from one of the MAJOR companies and flies right under the radar. This is the case with this one. Heck, it is not even featured on their website! I kind of like it, but find the clasp a little on the cheap side and I just wish they would ditch the cyclops lens over the date.

For many more pictures and SBD's impressions, please follow this link:


Looks like Jorge from TZ reported on this one back in June.

Hum... It's not like me to miss something like that... 20 lashes with a wet dive strap for me!

All I want for Christmas... (Isofrane)

...is an Isofrane strap, an Isofrane strap, an Isofrane strap!

The thickness of the strap matches the heft of the watch head perfectly! Infact, I prefer this watch on THIS strap, as opposed to its OEM bracelet! I will probably never wear it any other way!

What is most surprising about the Isofrane strap is the extreme suppleness of the rubber. I was expecting something much stiffer. Something I would have to "break-in" so it could be comfortable. On the contrary, it was confortable the very minute I strapped it on for the first time.

In the past, when I wanted a high quality rubber strap, I would head to my neighborhood Breitling dealer and buy one of their Pro rubber straps (AKA the Hershey strap). It was roughly 100$ Canadian and had a very impressive buckle, but it was a tad on the stiff side. Also, since BREITLING is written all over it in BIG BOLD letters, I kind of felt odd wearing it on my Tag Heuer Aquagraph. Some would even say it is blasphemous to do so...

Now that I have tried the Isofrane. I very much doubt I will ever purchase another EOM Breitling rubber strap. It is thicker, more supple and the hardware is just as impressive. Not to mention the exceptional finish on all the edges. There is nothing I dislike more then wearing a nice rubber strap and noticing leftover rubber sticking out from where they cut it from the mold.

For the price, this is by far the very best after-market rubber strap I have ever owned! And I have owned almost ALL OF THEM!

Oh, I almost forgot! Too bad there is not a website to host smells... Like youtube.com, except it could be called yousmell.com... Well, maybe that would be a bad idea. Anyway, this strap has the delicious scent of vanilla built in!

To order yours, click here:


NEW - Laco Squad 1000m Diver

For more details, check them out on the Laco website:

Laco Navy Watches

NEW - Signature 300m Diver

The brand is Signature. From what I understand this is an Israeli watchmaker who has developed his own diver and also manufactures it in his shop. Talk about exclusive!
SPECIFICATIONS:Case diameter ex crown: 49 mm
  • Case diameter ex crown: 49 mm
  • Case diameter inc crown: 53 mm
  • Case height ex bezel: 14 mm
  • Case height inc bezel: 17 mm
  • Dial size: 28 mm
The crystal (3mm saphire) is recessed 5 mm beneath the top of the bezel. The watch is built from aluminium alloy and weighs close to nothing. It has 24 mm lugs (which since the watch is completely circular are about 49 mm apart). It is powered by a Swiss Ronda 517 quartz movement.

For more details and 1st impressions by a new owner, clicke here:

SIGNATURE on the WUS Dive Watch Forum

COOL video of the RGM Diver in action!

Shot by our friend Chris from the EOT Dive Watch Forum while diving in the Florida Keys.

Well done Chris!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

T2W - Holiday TOP-10 High-End Divers!

Here we go! My very 1st Annual Holiday TOP-10 high-end Divers countdown: 

#10 - Roger Dupuis Easy Diver
Spectacular finish and attention to detail, combined with an in-house movement earns this one the #10 spot.

#9 - Graham Chronofighter Diver
I am still unsure how that lever thing-a-ma-bob works, but just for its sheer coolness factor, it earns the #9 spot on my countdown.

#8 - Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms Complete Calender
I am not much of a fan of the new Fifty-Fathoms line, but the awesome BLUE color on this bad-boy earns it the #8 spot.

#7 - JLC Compressor Navy Seal Edition
I am still unsure I wholely beleive in the Navy Seal / JLC partnership claim, but there is one thing I do beleive. This is one cool watch, earning the #7 spot.

#6 - Girard-Perregaux Seahawk Pro
Just a splendid watch. Nicely excecuted, with a terrific bedigree. Well deserving of the #6 spot.

#5 - Linde-Werdelin Octopus DLC
LD has been making quite a splash as of late and this very exciting new diver, just does it for me! It earns the #5 spot and rightfully so!

#4 - Glashutte-Original Sport Evolution M
I have never been a fan of the big date "thing". This new version on its spectacular bracelet cracks the top 5 in my books!

#3 - IWC Aquatimer 2000
I have been fortunate enough to have aquired one of these late this year and I could not be more pleased. The combination of a sapphire bezel, superlative bracelet and bomb proof 2000m case earns it the # 3 spot.

#2 - Chopard ProOne GMT
I know there is a standard diver's version of the ProOne, but his one, with the lumed bezel and orange color just floats my boat! Oh and did I mention in-house movement and awesome bracelet? Yeah, #2 is a got spot to be!

#1 - Rolex SeaDweller DeepSea
Yeah, yeah... Rolex-Shmolex I know... NOT! Have you ever had the opportunity to handle and/or try this one on? I have! It took nearly 50 years for Rolex to finally update their ULTIMATE sports watch and in my humble opinion, IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! The DSSD rightfully earns the coveted #1 spot. 

So there you have it folks. My personal TOP-10. I hope you enjoyed it.

AWESOME new pictures of the NEW Benarus

Looks like the Remoras are going to start shipping in early January!

Check out the new picture by Steven Laughlin:

The Benarus Remora is a dive watch with a vintage style case that has water resistance of 500 meters. The Remora is packed with the highest quality components including: The Miyota 9015 Mechanical automatic movement, thick sapphire crystal, ceramic unidirectional bezel, superluminova paint for the hands and dial marks, 500 meters water resistance, screw down crown and case back, 42mm 316L stainless steel case, 22mm lugs, 22mm 316L stainless steel mesh bracelet with removable oyster links. The case finish for all of the dials below will be available in brushed, bead blasted (matte), and PVD (black).

You can see a few more here:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays from TECHNOMARINE!

NEW - NFW ViporFish - Taking Reservations!

These Advanced Reservations will be for only the first 200 pieces.  There will be less than 20 pieces of each model available in this advance, limited run.  So, when you send your email, you may want to list a second choice, just in case your first choice is sold out.  If you do miss out on your first choice, we’ll be receiving a much larger shipment at the end of January.  But if you definitely want in on these first 200 pieces then you should let us know what your second choice would be.

Reservations begin at 6:00 PM (eastern time). To be fair, we will not accept any reservations prior to this start time. Once your reservation is confirmed with us, we’ll contact you via email to let you know that you’ve caught yourself a mean & nasty Fish (or if it was sold out and eluded you)!

AVAILABILITY: These first 200 pieces are shipping to us on 12/28, so we’ll be receiving them the first few days of January. For the reserved pieces, we’ll begin shipping them out immediately, as soon as we receive them.  What a great way to start the New Year!

  • Case Size: 48mm diameter by 18.5mm height
  • Case Material: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Crystal:  4.5mm Sapphire with anti-reflective coating
  • Caseback: Screw-down, with sapphire exhibition back
  • Movement: Miyota 9015, 28,800 BPH, 24-Jewels, with NFW signed rotor
  • Strap: Custom, thick, black silicon rubber with sturdy, custom tang buckle
  • SuperLuminova Luminescent material on dial hour markers, all hands, and bezel markings that are white, blue, or orange
  • Water-Resistance: 300 Meters / 1000 Feet

  • Case Size: 48mm diameter x 18.5mm height
  • Case Material: Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel
  • Crystal: 4.5mm thick Sapphire with anti-reflective coating
  • Caseback, Crown & Chrono Pushers: Screw-Down
  • Movement:  Miyota OS60 Chronograph, with 1/20-second resolution
  • Strap:  Custom, thick, black silicon rubber with sturdy, custom tang buckle
  • SuperLuminova Luminescent material on dial hour markers, all hands, and bezel markings that are white or orange
  • Water Resistance: 300 Meters / 1000 Feet

For more details, follow this link to their BLOG:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

IWC Aquatimer 2000 - 1st IMPRESSIONS

I once owned and co-authored a review on the original IWC GST Aquatimer. For some reason that watch never seemed to fit right. Either too bloose or too tight. A pity really, as I did my very best to try and love it just the same.

Fast forward almost a decade and 2 generations of Aquatimers. I am now a very satisfied owner!

Here are some quik pictures:

I have to admit, I am even more blown away than I expected. The level of attention to detail and craftsmanship is quite astounding. Not to mention the incredible bracelet and overall supurb confort.

If you are looking for a dive watch equally at home in the board room, as it is 10 fathoms below, this is the watch for you! I LOVE IT!!!

  • Reference: IW356805
  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Bracelet/Strap: stainless steel bracelet
  • Features: Mechanical movement, Self-winding, 42-hour power reserve when fully wound, Date display, Central hacking seconds, Mechanical external rotating bezel, Luminescent elements on hands, dial and external rotating bezel, Screw-in crown, Sapphire glass, convex, antireflective coating on both sides, Water-resistant 200 bar, Bracelet quick-change system**, Case height 14 mm, Diameter 44 mm
    ** The Aquatimer bracelet quick-change system has been developed by IWC under a patent license from Cartier.
  • Dial color: white
  • Shape: round
  • Movement: self-winding
  • Calibre: 30110
  • Jewels: 21


Click on the Picture!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Linde Werdelin - TEASER

Linde Werdelin Speeds up & Pushes on to the Next Level…

Find out more January 20th 2011!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NEW - Prim Orlik L.E. 2010

I have never heard of this brand, that is until I stumbled onto this brilliant post on TZ:

On TZ by Kibi

Here are a couple of his pictures:

Looks like they did a FANTASTIC job at capturing the vintage essence in a contemporary watch. AWESOME! I love it when a brand comes out of nowhere and just DOES IT RIGHT... WOW!

This watch does not seem to be featured on their website, though I am sure if you inquire they will provide.


p.s. Excellent pictures Kibi!!!

HIGH-RES pic of that NEW Linde L.E.!

Thanks to Aphrodite @ Line Werdelin, we now have this GREAT picture fo the NEW Limited Edition:

Boy, only 11 pieces. Maybe I should refrain from talking about this one... NOT!

I like it much better now. The yellow is much nicer in this picture. WAY TO GO L.W.!!!

Linde Werdelin

NEW - Dievas REAPER Ltd to 50 worldwide!

Now this one is WAY COOL!!!

Of late, expansion of the Dievas watch company has rapidly garner momentum, especially within the sphere of our tactical/pilot inspired range. By Dievas standards, we believe we have to create a horology piece with certain flair of distinct uniqueness to stamp the Dievas mark of excellence on the professional pilot watch community.
Reaper a term that teases visions of annihilation may be the last, one would conceive of naming a watch after. An exception perhaps if we further address its validity by affiliation. Direct association to The General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper was the intent and inspiration to the birth of our latest watch concept. The MQ-9 is the latest generation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), an apparatus of today's high tech military fanfare, an exemplification of paramount engineering feat, designed and built especially for long endurance and high altitude surveillance. The MQ-9 can fly pre-programmed routes autonomously or remotely controlled by aircrew in the Ground Control Station (GCS). Primarily used for intelligence collection and if necessary, possesses enough potent firepower to actively remove a target, the reaper and UAVs in general has become an essential component of any successful military mission. For a watch befitting the Reaper’s stature, she will have to indulge beyond one's wildest imagination, highly usable, covert and built tougher than other watches.

The Reaper, a watch of 42mm with a bi-directional 24hr GMT bezel is CNC-ed in Germany, entirely out of Grade A 316L Stainless Steel. Each watch case is further refined by hand to attain that brilliance and sharpness usually associated with only the best. Then the case is put through another QC check to eradicate the smallest of imperfections before going for the Dievas 6SteelBlack™  treatment, a Dievas high tech case hardening treatment that allows for a dark stealth appearance while strengthening the case at the same time.

With the durability taken care of, we now focus on the aesthetics aspect of things. Our approach has always been to build a tactical watch with serious usability. Evidently, the dial is designed around cockpit clocks, with main 3, 6, 9, 12 markers in bold applied with layers of special black luminous. The main attraction of the dial is the distinguished yellow accents. This fluorescent  yellow bright lume that glows in low light situations is custom made for Dievas by Superluminova in Switzerland. The pilot watch styled hands and markers are filled with multiple layers of this special lume, making it always easy to tell time at a glance. A black date wheel with off black numbers is specially made for the Reaper. To seal the watch on top is a blemish free scratch resistant sapphire glass with anti reflective treatment.

Flipping the watch over and a quick peek through the sapphire exhibition back to appreciate the beautifully Dievas decorated Swiss Made ETA2824-2 Swiss Made automatic movement. Full Dievas made rotor with hard black coating embodies overall theme of the watch.

The Reaper is a limited edition watch model of only 50 pieces world wide. A rare watch for the seasoned Dievas collector. This is a serious high caliber watch akin to the MQ-9. Nothing is sparred in the production of this special watch using the best custom German and Swiss Made material. One that will stand tall amongst other tactical Pilot watches.


Maker: Dievas Watch Company
Movement: Swiss Made Dievas/ETA 2824-2 automatic movement
Dial: Black with black arabic numbers and fluro yellow hour markers. Fluro yellow hands.
Luminance: C3 Super Luminova luminous paint.
Case: Dievas scratch resistant 6SteelBlack. Matte Black.
Case Back: Dievas scratch resistant 6SteelBlack. Matte Black. Serial numbered. 
Bezel: Bi-directional Dievas scratch resistant 6SteelBlack. Matte Black. GMT bezel. 
Crown: 5mm crown.
Lug: 22mm. Scewdown bars.
Crystal: Flat Sapphire crystal. Anti-reflective coating on the inside.
Strap: 4mm Dievas waterproof calf leather strap with yellow details.
Water resistance: 50m
Dimensions: 42.5mm in diameter, 53mm lug to lug, 11mm thick
Power Reserve: ~42 hours
Warranty: Guaranteed 1 year

This one should be a lot of fun and it is a TRUE Limited Edition. 50 pieces should not take long to sell-out. Congratulations Anders, looks like a real winner to me!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Linde Werdelin, leading sports and attachable instrument watch brand, presents its first US Limited Edition – the Hard Grey DLC (Diamond Like Carbon). The “Hard” series are based on the original ‘The One’ model but bear a different bezel, hands, color and dial to create a unique allure.

The new Hard Grey features a vivid color contrast between the red logo and the bright yellow hands & luminous hour markers. Most notably, the case is in DLC grey coating unlike any Linde Werdelin made previously. It shares the same case dimensions as the rest of the Linde Werdelin watches to ensure the safe attachment of both The Rock and The Reef instruments for extreme skiing and diving respectively.

“Grey is the new black! The US is the fashion trendsetter in so many ways; grey DLC is a softer sophistication.” comments Alexis Sarkissian, CEO of Totally Worth It, LLC distributor of Linde Werdelin in North America. The steel case initially goes through a hardening process and for this Limited Edition, the Hard Grey is microbille finished before the DLC is applied in the coating chamber (see image). This ensures an even tougher case coating. Next, it is blasted with approximately one thousandth of a millimeter of carbon to create a surface up to three times harder than steel and second only to diamond in hardness.

This hydrogen free diamond structure crafts the watch in such a way that it guarantees extreme durability and virtual scratch and corrosion resistance, perfect for any sporting environment. The Hard Grey Limited Edition consists of only 11 pieces and is currently available by pre-order through EXQUISITE TIMEPIECES. The delivery is expected just before Christmas by special delivery.

Technical Specifications for the Hard Grey DLC:
Limited to 11 pieces for the US
Size 44mm (w) by 46mm (l) by 12mm (h)
Movement ETA 2892 – A2 mechanical automatic
42-hour power reserve
Case Stainless steel with grey DLC coating
5000 HV hydrogen free diamond structure
Microbille matt finish
Anodized aluminum screw-down case-back cover matching dial color
Unidirectional turning bezel with yellow luminous markers
Screw on case-back
2.35mm anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Screw in crown with LW logo
Date At 4 o’clock
Dial Grey matt dial
Grey indexes applied with Yellow Super LumiNova® & red Linde Werdelin logo
Hands Diamond cut black hands applied with Yellow Super LumiNova®
Water Resistance 300m
Strap Supplied with 2 straps, a folding buckle and an ardillon buckle:
1. Grey alligator full-skin square-scale strap with grey contrasting stitching on
DLC folding buckle
2. Black rubber strap on DLC ardillon buckle

To reserve yours, click here:

Exquisite Timepieces

Looking good! Now when will they make a Canadian Limited Edition, with RED lume.... NICE!!!

Linde Werdelin

Friday, December 10, 2010

NEW - ÆGIR CD-2 - getting closer!

Despite some personal and professional set backs, it looks like Ægir is back on track. I seriously think they are onto something. Check'em out!

The Ægir CD-2  ( Concept Diver 2 ) watch was designed also with the commercial diver in mind, with the applique dial for a more classy watch outside of the water and the added unidirectional 60 click diving bezel for scuba use as well. The bezel has engraved markers with a black finish, and will use a 1.6mm lume dot at the 12 o'clock triangle.

The Ægir CD-1 ( Concept Diver 1 )  was designed as a commercial divers watch, where the diver does not need to know his bottom time, as most bell runs are in the 4 to 8 hour range. This watch was in fact designed while sitting in the dive bell and the principal behind it was the (one watch) concept. Would be equally at home over a dive suit, as it would be under a business suit.

With a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of only 14mm, the return of MODERATELY sized deivers seems to be under way. This is fantastic news for us pencil-wristed desk divers!

I cannot wait to see real life puctures of this one. Keep up the good work Todd!

For more details, follow this link:

Ægir Watches