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Sunday, October 23, 2011

NEW REVIEW - Tawatec E.O.Diver

I fell in love with tritium vile watches a number of years ago, when I was introduced to contemporary Ball watches. Since this introduction, I have owned at least a dozen Ball watches, but none of these watches have been true “beaters”. By beater, I mean a watch you can wear through anything! Think G-shock! I would be devastated if my beloved SpaceMaster ever got trashed while mountain biking or by playing street hockey.

While I do have a couple of pretty cool G-Shocks, including the latest iteration of the Frogman, they are not always suitable for all occasions. So I started hunting for the perfect grab and go watch. A watch I would not worry about getting banged up. A watch I can set and forget. A watch that will also look cool and screams let’s see what you got!.

At that time one of my coworkers, who wears a Suunto on a daily basis ordered a Luminox off the internet. I thought it looked kind of interesting, but I just could not get behind all the overhyped “Navy Seal” mumbo-jumbo they sell on their website. That is until I saw it in person. Impressive piece! The resin case and blacked out dial really worked on his watch!

I still had a hard time digesting their marketing, so I started digging for alternatives. I came across Traser and Nite, but they just did not tug at my heart strings enough to pull the trigger. Then I stumbled onto Tawatec. Their watches looked tougher than nails and unlike Luminox, they did not advertise about their relationship with the military, they just looked like the military should be wearing them.  You know how some guys walk around with their shoulders puffed out and act tough, while you know they really are not? And some other guys, without trying, just look like they can take care of themselves should anything happen. Tawatec was the latter kind of watch.

For under 300$ I could not pass it up. I took the plunge and contacted Jack at Tuffwriter.com and within a week, the Tawatec E.O.Diver had become my go to watch when the going gets tough. The following is my review of this watch.

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