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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My visit to Bailey's Fine Jewelry in Raleigh, NC

Last week I was in Raleigh, NC on business and prior to leaving, I had a little time to kill, so I decided to pay a visit to Bailey’sFine Jewelry. It is no secret that I am a huge Ball Watch fan and when I found out I was going on this trip I asked the members of the TimeZone.com Ball Forum if anyone knew of an Authorized Dealer I could visit and Bailey’s was the one that came up.

Unfortunately, the GPS function on my Android phone was acting up and I could not get it to sync to a satellite. The further I was going, the more lost I was getting, when I finally turned off the GPS and hit Google Maps to see if I could find my bearings. It WORKED! Mind you, I got trapped a couple of times on the NC State University campus, but I eventually got through.

Strangely enough when I finally made it to Cameron Village, where Bailey’s is located, they were closed. It was not quite 10am yet, so I sat on the park bench facing the store and waited for them to open. It was a beautiful day, almost 80F and sunny. A far cry from the 35F and cloudy I left behind in Montreal.  As I was sitting there, I noticed the super cool Ball Watch poster next to the door, so I quickly snapped a picture.

When they finally opened I was greeted by a very nice sales associate by the name of Staci Cloninger. I told her I came all the way from Canada to see her line of Ball watches and she lit up like a Christmas tree! She seemed very proud of them and since they had just started carrying the line, she apologized for their modest inventory. Apparently they are selling quite well and that is also part of the reason their stock was a little low.

Still, they had quite a few of the newest models, like the Trainmaster 120th Anniversary, the Trainmaster Eternity, the Hydrocarbon Magnate GMT and the GORGEOUS Hydrocarbon Ceramic XV. The latter I got to fondle and admire up close. What a stunning watch! Staci was very patient with me and did not seem to mind pulling out anything I wanted to see.

I have been collecting watches for over 20 years and in that time I have owned over 200 high-end watches. I can honestly tell you, there is nothing like encountering someone who is as passionate about the watches they sell as I am about acquiring them. That energy is absolutely priceless and if I had not just recently gotten my Ball DeepQuest, I would have likely left with their Ceramic XV.

If you are ever in Raleigh, NC, I highly recommend paying them a visit. You can find them here:

415 Daniels Street
Raleigh, NC 27605
Phone: 866-725-3111      
 Fax: 919-829-7337      

And if you do visit, tell Staci that Marc “Time2watch” sent you!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Video of the NEW Perrelet Turbine Diver

Found this on Youtube:

I am so sorry Perrelet, but this watch is a disaster. The spinning turbine thing-a-ma-bob would drive me absolutely NUTS! Otherwise, it looks pretty good.

You know, while I am on the subject, the entire double-rotor system is a complete waste. Today's movements are so efficient there is no use for the second rotor. It basically is overkill and I see it as a gimmick. Perrelet has a storied history and their watches look pretty good. If only they could step away from the double-rotor "thing" I think they would be much more successful.

Here is a great example of what they are capable of:

Picture by Ariel Adams of ablogtoread.com

In my opinion, that is a stunning and elegant dive watch. I am pretty certain the quality, fit and finish, not to mention the level of attention to detail is right up there with Omega. Why are they not "pushing" this line? Oh well, to each his (or her) own. 

A couple of NEW Seiko's worth checking out!

From Yeoman's Blog:

I would wear the crap out of the second one, WOW!!!

NEW - Orient X STI M-Force

I Tweeted about this one a couple of times in the recent past and it looks like Yeoman got his hands on one already!

Pretty nice offering from Orient, though I would have preferred solid end-links. For more on this model, follow this link:

Yeoman's Orient

AMAZING - Mario Paci by Ennebi!

Found this on the Ennebi FaceBook page:

The only text was in Italian, so I had Google Translate do its job and here is what it came up with:

"Ennebi for Mario Paci Straps & Watches: SMZ
SMZ stands for "diver": the new model created by MARIO PACI Ennebi forWATCHES & STRAPS which has the exclusive right to sell. (EN: SMZ stands for "diver" that is scuba diver: the new model designed and built by Ennebi forMARIO PACI WATCHES & STRAPS That has exclusive rights for the salt.)Http://www.mariopaci.com/"

Not sure what the retail will be or any other details, but I am 100% sure I LIKE IT!!!

Ennebi on FB

Kazimon 1500b-v2 - Bronze / Copper MIX

I have been staying away from the "bronze" craze that has been sweeping the watch industry as of late, as I am kind of weary of wearing a watch that will tarnish my wrist as I wear it. That said, my personal favorite, should I have to choose one, is the Kazimon 1500b.

Every once in a while, you will see one pop up on the pre-owned sales boards, only to be snatched up moments later. Now it looks like the good folks at Kazimon are getting ready to produce a 2nd version of this very popular model, but this time with a twist!

The new model will feature a bronze case with a copper bezel! In the pictures below you will be able to see the slight difference in color and from what I understand, as it "ages", you will see more and more of a difference.

For what its worth, here is my favorite picture of the original Kazimon 1500b:

* Picture by Timesofplenty

For more details on the new version (v2), you can read all about it on the Official Kazimon Forum or you can visit their website here:


Preview - 2012 LUM-TEC 300m Diver

I am a HUGE fan of LUM-TEC watches and this new offering looks quite promising!

Here is a description from Ray Knight on the Official LUM-TEC Forum:

"These watches will be offered in both 40mm sizes (300M-1, 300M-2) and also in 45mm size (300M-1XL, 300M-2XL). They will feature a sapphire bezel with 2 color MDV Technology luminous printed on the underside. The dials will have a nice matte black finish with raised markers piled high with our MDV Technology in 2 colors as well. The outer dial ring is pie shaped to fill the rehaut area nicely, and these will also include an all new stainless steel bracelet with a divers extension along with an all new soft rubber strap. They will be powered by the nearly bulletproof Sii NH35 Japan automatic movement with hacking and handwinding features. The sapphires will have a clear double AR coating. The "2" models will feature a titanium Carbide PVD hard coating."

I like it a lot and cannot wait to see it in the metal!


NEW - Benarus Sea Snake

Hi Guys,

Looks like Benarus is at it again!

Specs from Benarus:

- Swiss ETA 2824-2 mechanical chronograph
- Hand wind, automatic, stop second
- 44mm 316L stainless steel
- 14mm High, 50mm lug to lug
- 42mm at the bezel
- 24mm lugs
- Double domed sapphire crystal
- Brushed case with polished accent lines
- Lume bezel
- C3 Superluminova
- Screw down crown and case back
- 500 meters water resistant
- Steel bracelet and rubber included
- Optional mesh and rubber available
- Limited production of 100 total pieces
$730 + shipping

I really like the Seamaster(ish) lugs, clean lines, super legible dial and how about that price?!?!?

Get'em while their hot boys!!!

More on the Sea Snake on WUS