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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Breitling Seawolf - GALLERY

I recently owned one of these with a grey dial, but prematurely parted with it. I have since decided to correct this mistake and get to better know the Breitling Seawolf. Now, I still find the hands on the anorexic side, but I do love how it feels on my wrist. I also did not remember it being this.... uh.... small?... I guess after wearing behemoths, the Seawolf is quite manageable.

There is also something to be said about the incredible Pro II bracelet. It is so silky smooth and comfortable. I once said that Breitling has perfected the traditional friction clasp and this still remains the case. Yet I do hope they wise up and join the 21st century and update the clasps for their bracelets. I mean if Rolex can do it... why not Breitling?

Enough blabbing, I think everyone knows this watch by now, so how about some pictures? Here you go:










Notice how the dial is not actually black but a dark shade of grey? I really, really like it. In fact, I thought I would have referred my previous one, but I do not. Another fact worth mentioning is that this is the 1st time I have ever acquired the exact same watch a second time with the only variation being the dial color. The 1st time EVER. 

Oh I have owned countless Omega Seamaster Pros, but they have all been different. Either a limited edition or an update or Planet Oceans. This one is EXACTLY the same, only the dial is slightly darker. Would you believe I actually had to wrestle with my conscience over acquiring this watch? I had never done that before. I have always moved forward, never looking back. Am I just getting old? Wiser?  Nah...

I think I just parted with the previous one too soon and did not get to say a proper goodbye. Yeah, that is it. So I will hang on to this one for a bit and when it is time to part. I will part with this model for good. Oh and speaking of this model. I got to fondle the new Seawolf II. Yikes, Breitling what have you done?!?! The new Pro III bracelet, well, looks CHEAP and thin. In fact it reminds me of an Oyster bracelet. So un-Breitling!

Also, the head now is completely unbalanced and the watch just flops around. I also do not like the new customs end links, as they over power the lugs and the numerals on the dial look disproportionate. What I did like was the new second hand. It is intriguing what they did with the "meat-ball" at its tip. Anyway, this is about the previous generation and I for one like it a lot.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. My new Nikon D5200 sure is coming in handy!

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