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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


*Pic by Slide 68 in Milan (found on Internet)

From my family to all of yours, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and all the very best for 2014!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ball Hydrocarbon Airborne - GALLERY

I have now owned more Ball watches than any other brand. Even more than Omega, which had been my favorite watch company for the better part of a decade. It is quite easy to understand why. Especially if you have been fortunate enough to own one of their watches. Once you get used to tritium illumination, it is very difficult to live without it.

That is why I tell people who are interested in the brand. CAREFUL, you will start with one, but it will not be your last. We are also blessed with an incredible variety of models and functions. I mean, which other brand has two very difference dive watch lines? Yes, you read that correctly and further more, not only are they different, they do not resemble anything else on the market!

The star of this blog post is the brand new Ball Hydrocarbon Airborne. A model that was first introduced this last spring at the Basel World Fair. It is their latest iteration of their very popular Hydrocarbon line. This new model is a standard time with day & date, but it also houses their new Spring LOCK technology, which helps improve its anti-shock properties.

Before I continue, how about we show some pictures?










This is now my 5th Hydrocarbon and with each new one there are tweaks and improvements. This one is not so much a redesign, but it is a more subdued version of last year's Ceramic Peak XV Hydrocarbon. A watch I admired, but did not like enough to own. It was just too "glossy" for me. Besides, I had my hands full with the DeepQUEST:

This new version, with its discreet dial pattern is just the perfect combination of polish and discretion. I also really like the new numerals on the dial, which for once, are perfectly sized to fit without leaving any gaps. Have a look, this is what I mean:

Those two pictures are mine, taken with two very different cameras and exposures (look at the second hands). Spacemaster on the left, airborne on the right. Hopefully you can see what I mean. There are a ton of tiny little details like this that make the Airborne a superlative watch. 

From the applied markers, to the stunning new sword hands, to the exquisite finish on the case and bracelet. This watch is a total work of art. Oh, make no mistake, this does not mean it is not up to the task. I dare anyone to find a tougher watch! The entire Hydrocarbon line is made for adventure and the airborne is no different. In fact, with its new Spring LOCK system, I bet it can take more punishment than most "would be" sports / adventure watches. Here is some more on this forward thinking technology:

For specs and more details on the Hydrocarbon Airborne click here:

Arnold Schwartzenneger once said, when receiving an award "Of all the awards I have received in my life, this one is... the most recent". Like Arnold, this Ball watch is my most... recent. I absolutely LOVE IT and cannot wait to see what the great minds at Ball Watch will create next!