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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Delma Blue Shark L.E. - 1ST IMPRESSIONS

I received this one last Friday and I remain as excited about it now, as I was when I first opened the box. Now many of you know I have literally owned / handled hundreds of dive watches and it takes a quite a bit to keep my interest for more than a couple of days. Oh this does not mean I dislike a watch, it just means I have seen it all.... and then once in a while I get something completely out of the ordinary.

Enter the Delma Santiago Blue Shark Limeted Edition (only 500). This is the 5th 3000m diver that I have owned, well 6th really, since I owned 2 Breitling Seawolf divers (grey and black). My 1st was the Ball DeepQuest, which remains one of the world's premier dive watches. The second and third were the pair of Breitling Seawolf divers. My 4th was the venerable Aquadive BS300 and the 5th was a Deep Blue Depthmaster. All can be found on my BLOG in some form of fashion.

Now this Delma is different. Very different! Not only in appearance, but in function. From the clasp, to the screws that hold the bracelet together, to the details on the dial. It truly is a special watch and quite the hunk of watch it is, at nearly 300g!

I will go into much, much more detail once I have lived with it and I have had time to write the full review, but in the mean time, here are some Q & Ds of this tremendous deep diver:







All I can say right now is that this one is far SUPERIOR to most catalog case 2000m divers on the market, of which I have owned quite a few. Again, I will get into many more details in the review. So STAY TUNED!!!

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