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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Now for something COMPLETELY different! (Visitor)

Every once in a while a NEW company comes along and with it comes a breath of fresh air. This is such a company. Introducing Visitor Watch:

Here is a snippet from their very well produced website:

"We strive for the unexpected at Visitor. That’s why our wristwatches blend idiosyncratic design with classic, mechanical power. Why, in a digital world, would we choose to make mechanical watches? Because they provoke a certain wonder not found in a battery. Because even though they are not the most accurate, or the most feature-laden, they are the most beautiful timekeepers. On your cell phone clock, the time is a data point; on a mechanical watch, it is a performance piece. This is why, after decades of functional obsolescence, the mechanical watch has survived. Because it’s as much about knowing the time as it is about experiencing the artist’s genius: the assemblage of beautiful metal bits that, impossibly, make time possible."

If you would like to learn more about them, or wish to support them, click on the following link:

Visitor Watch Company


I received this one yesterday and I cannot even express how impressed I am with this watch! For 355$ you get a solid stainless steel bracelet, with modern push-button opening / extension, a gorgeous sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel and automatic Japanes (Seiko) movement!

Oh there are a ton of smaller details, which will be covered in the review, but all in all, I do not thinks it is possible to pack any more watch into such a small price! And did I mention it looks awesome? Have a look for yourself:






Now one thing I would like to point out right away is the crystal. It has a generous amount of AR coating, as you can easily see in the pictures, but it is NOT domed! It is flat. That said, it's edges are completely rounded off, to mimic the original Plexiglas crystals of yesteryear. I have NO IDEA how they accomplished this, but the effect is stupendous!

Again, this watch retails for 355$... HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?

Stay tuned for full review coming to a BLOG near you!!!

Borealis Watch Company

Friday, September 5, 2014

Deep Blue Depthmeter - GALLERY

When I was a teenager my parents used to receive the Service Merchandise catalog in the mail. I remember vividly admiring the multi-function Citizen Dive Watches in those pages. They were rather rare in Canada and I loved how cool and purposeful they looked. That is until I actually got to see one in person and it looked kind of silly for everyday wear. Still, the functions and style still stuck with me to this day. 

Fast forward over 25 years and I have finally found a watch that has those same awesome functions, but in a package that can be worn everyday! On top of all that, it also has features that are only found on watches costing hundreds more, but at a wallet-friendly price point. I have had the entire summer to enjoy this one and I have taken swimming, snorkeling and even... THE OFFICE!

Below is a review of this super-fun watch, hope you will like:



Again, I am a huge fan of these multi-fundtion dive watches and I have been for over a quarter of a century! So it is no surprise that this one tickles my fancy, but allow me to explain why this one is so special.

First of all, it has all the functions your Citizen diver will have, except the protruding censor is not at nine or three o'clock, it is on the case back! Out of the way, out of sight, yet it works like a charm. How do I know? I have taken it to 6 meters under and it registered it just fine.

Secondly, it has a sapphire crystal, so the glass is highly scratch resistant and the bezel is also covered with a sapphire ring! You will not find that on any other multi-function dive watch! Speaking of bezel all of the markers and numerals are generously coated in blue lume.

Thirdly, the bracelet and end-links are top notch. Thick, solid and precise. No wiggle or jiggle anywhere. The links are sizable via pin / bushing system, which is a pain if you do not have the right tools and a good amount of dexterity. That said, it is one of the most secure systems and you only need do it once.

Lastly, VALUE. I have said it before and I will say it again, not all Deep Blue watches are for everyone. Luckily, they have such a wide variety that there is bound to be one that you will like and one thing is for sure, they pack a whole lot of watch in a very affordable package.



If you are looking for a LARGE (45mm diameter), yet wearable (my wrist is 7"), functional and extremely well built quartz multi-function diver, look no further. This one will not disappoint. As I said above, I have been wearing this one regularly to the office and it is great. Keeps quartz like time, so I do not have to worry about winding it every day and the lume is fantastic.



This is my 4th Deep Blue Watch and I am 100% sure it will not be my last. There is always something around the corner that I MUST HAVE. Luckily, they are always reasonably priced, so why not have more then one?

If you are looking for a good source for Deep Blue watches, especially within Canada, follow this link for the Official and ONLY Authorized Deep Blue Distributor:

Deep Blue Watches CANADA

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