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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

MARC & SONS Professional 1000m Diver

It is, I assure you, a complete coincidence that my name is Marc and I have a pair of sons. That said, it does make this watch special to me, but that is not its only endearing quality. In fact, for the price, I defy anyone to produce a watch crammed with this much dive watch goodness. Yes, "dive watch goodness" is a highly technical term, used only by professional dive watch bloggers.

This is a double crowned (one HEV, other time setting), full LUME dial, 1000m, total bad-@SS dive watch. It houses the venerable Miyota 9015, which has proven time and again to be a very reliable, accurate and consistent movement. This is my 4th or 5th watch with this caliber and they have all been exceptional. I would go as far as to say that I would choose a watch with this caliber over a watch with the base, unregulated ETA 2824. 

The bracelet is tough as nails, thick and thankfully helps balance the weight of the massive case. They have done a great job and making a very large watch, with a clean perfectly readable dial, feel wearable on my mediocre 7" wrist. Unlike the Benarus Megalodon, which I could pull off, this one feels much more comfortable.  Mind you , the former is water-resistant to 2500m, so merits the added beefiness. 

Now how about a few more pictures?


Now how about a pair of wrist shots:


And last, but now least, the most impressive LUME shot I have taken in years!

You can read a book by this light! SERIOUSLY!

Am I saying this is a perfect dive watch? Of course not! The shear size can be polarizing and there are a a few things I would like improved upon. For instance; longer hands, screws to adjust the bracelet and a better clasp... but, but, but... consider these incredible pros:
  • Ceramic unidirectional bezel
  • Full LUME dial - filled with BGW9 Luminocva
  • Unparalleled contrast for easy readability
  • Upgraded Miyota 9015 (over 8215)
  • Solid link / end-link bracelet
  • Pressure tested to 1000m
  • Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • HEV crown (adds symmetry, if anything else)
  • Screw-down crowns with inner threads (like Breitling, Omega, etc...)
  • It has the name MARC on the dial
And, it is super fun to wear! In fact, I have dubbed this to be my FUN SUMMER WATCH  for 2016 and I intend on having a great time wearing it! What else can you ask for in a sub 500$ watch? So if you see a guy, with a goofy smile, wearing a huge, white dialed dive watch, come say "Hi". I will introduce you to my sons and show you my MARC & SONS!

Some specs:
  • Dimeter: 46mm
  • Lug to lug: 56mm
  • Thickness: 16mm
  • Weight: 260g (approx)
Want one? Check them out here:

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