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Monday, August 15, 2016

DELTAt SoRa Type AS - Pictoral REVIEW

Have you heard of DELTAt before? Neither had I, up until a few weeks ago. Found them via an ad on WatchUseek.com and I am sure glad I clicked through. While they do have some wild creations and I have been told a contemporary diver is on the way, their pilot's watch line was the reason why I got excited.

It had been too long since I owned a pilot watch and frankly with my obsession firmly planted in the dive watch arena, I did not want to devote a lot of funds to a Pilot watch. Thankfully the DELTAt SoRa Type AS was very reasonably priced in the sub 500$ range. Styled after the great German Fliegeruhr of yesteryear, this one even has a tremendous crown, reminiscent of the contemporary Zenith models.

Its specs are quite simple, with a diameter of 44mm (not too big, not too small) and just under 12mm thick. Lug width is 22mm and comes with 3 straps. A thick new buck bund, a slick black pilots and a Zulu strap. The latter is in case you feel like testing it's 200m water-resistance. Also has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and quick change spring bars.

Despite the above "standard" specs and its rather "pedestrian" Miyota 8215 movement, which incidentally has been keeping adequate time,  this watch is much, much more than the sum of its parts. Allow me to demonstrate:







Now I am not entirely sure what it is that makes this watch so appealing to me. Is it the proportions? The design of the case with the lugs? The fit on my wrist? The fact that this is SO MUCH watch for so little? Or all of the above? 

Thankfully, I received this one just prior to my vacation to the Canadian Maritime Provinces and because of this,the following should further demonstrate my reasons for liking this one so much:









Needless to say, we had a wonderful vacation and it is one that I will fondly remember every time I look at my DELTAt watch. Is it not incredible how memories can be associated to objects, sounds and smells. Well, from now on my DELTAt will remind me of incredible lobster rolls, spectacular vistas and the wonderfully humble Canadians that inhabit this beautiful part of the world.

If you are looking for a pilot watch and do not wish to spend thousands on an IWC or Zenith, give DELTAt a look over. They just might have what you are looking for!

In case you would like to see some other incredible vacation pictures, have a look at these:








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